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(Cardiff, Wales)

The capital and most important city in the whole of Wales, Cardiff is home to almost 800,000 people and is a mixture of modern districts and historic areas. Standing on the southern coast of Wales, Cardiff is connected to the nearby English border by the breathtaking Severn Bridge.

Cardiff Orientation: Layout and Directions

Central Cardiff is based around the main High Street, which is a particularly lively and important part of the city. A good selection of restaurants and hotels can be found in this part of Cardiff, together with plentiful shopping around Central Market, the Queens Arcade Shopping Centre and the St. David's area, all of which are within easy walking distance of each other.

To the west of central Cardiff is the spectacular Millennium Stadium, the city's famous sporting venue which regularly hosts many lively events and festivals. On the northern side of Cardiff you will find Castle Street, which is home to Cardiff Castle, one of the city's top sights. Nearby and also worth visiting stand Cardiff City Hall, the New Theatre and the National Museum.

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